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Do Birds Get Caught In Bird Netting

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The Dreadful Truth Regarding Bird Netting

Just Recently the Lloyds Financial Institution in the South Shields, the UK, had a terrible experience with its bird control method: Bird Netting. 2 seagulls have actually been located dead on the roof of the structure beside a seriously injured pigeon.

What Occurred

Lisa Waugh found the bodies of the seagulls as well as a pigeon that appeared to be entraped in the internet positioned on the roof. She promptly alerted the RSPCA, an association been experts in pet rescue in addition to the fire brigades. However, the condition of the pigeon was also critical to conserve: the internet had actually damaged its wing to the factor that a recuperation appeared to be difficult.

Why Bird Netting Can Be Hazardous

” The internet are eliminating our wildlife. There needs to be an alternative. It was awful to see the bodies of 2 dead birds on the roof and the pigeon troubled.”– claimed Lisa when being interviewed. The problem has actually been raised at the bank, that is now seeking various other, much less harmful bird control solutions. “We know the concerns relating to the nets and also are considering different choices as a priority.”– said a spokesperson for Lloyds Bank. You can read the full story below.

Netting is one of one of the most common and used bird control approaches. It is proven to be really reliable by literally blocking bug birds from the preferred areas. An issue with bird netting can take place if it is not installed correctly. In this instance the birds can still arrive on the area yet then they obtain trapped within. Smaller bird flavors like sparrows could obtain tangled up in the net itself and seriously harm their extremities. It is truly important to think about these negative aspects when selecting bird netting to avoid fatal scenarios like what occurred at Lloyd Financial institution.

Urbanised locations certainly bring in birds seeking for food as well as shelter. Maintaining birds away from houses is vital for various reasons: birds can transfer a number of illness, leave droppings that harm the paintwork, trigger leakage by pecking openings in roofing and also even create fire by developing nests in smokeshafts.

A Pet Friendly Solution

Bird Control Group uses cost-efficient solutions for protecting your building/rooftop from birds: Automated Laser Bird Deterrent. This system is shown to be very effective because it takes advantage of a bird’s all-natural reaction: birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical risk as well as disperse to seek safety and security. It functions extremely well as a long-term solution since birds do not get accustomed to it.

Unlike netting, the laser deterrent is not unsafe to the birds and has been awarded by The World Wild Animals Fund (WWF) for its development, performance as well as animal friendliness.
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